Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looking at the Circle of LIFE

Be sure you check out the article by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, the Circle of LIFE
I love visual things.  What a great way to look at our LIFE business.

In LIFE we need to work on our basics: the 8 f's.  The visual of the circle allows me to easily identify where I need to work.  Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Friends, Fun, Following, Freedom.

I know sometimes I get myself caught up in working on everything at once.  If you're like me, you'll be happy to know that in the Resolved book you'll find great help on how to create a plan to start working on your circle so it's round.  Remember though, a plan is only step 1; choosing to neglect the other 3 steps (do, check, adjust) is a certain recipe for failure.

It's incredible to think our profession is building a business that focuses on helping people make their circles round!  Rounder circles lead to more joyful lives, which leads to stronger families, which leads to better communities, which leads to stronger states, which leads to more united know where I'm going.....which leads to changing to world!  Remember, start with yourself and make your circle round!

Don't forget though, LIFE materials give us knowledge in how to live intentionally for excellence, but they are not designed to teach us how to build a business!  TEAM is the #1 community builder in the world, and TEAM's system is designed to teach us how to build our LIFE business.

The information we need for success is at our fingertips whether it be rounder circles or big, huge businesses!  But awareness isn't life changing:  applying the information is.  Start today!  Apply the TEAM and LIFE materials into your life and make your business huge and your circle round and we may just make a difference in the biggest circle of all: Planet earth.  Wow.  Count me in!


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  1. Kristine, I love how you stressed that "awareness isn't LIFE changing: applying the information is." How true! We are so grateful for leaders like the Bradys, Woodwards, and you and Marc for setting the example of Awareness + Applied Information = Changed LIFE. Thanks for leading!
    Marcia Robinson
    Team Maximus
    Team Galileo