Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top 5 in 5!!!

Many great books have been published over the last 100 years, but only five titles can make the cut to be called the Team's Top 5!  These 5 titles contain the time-tested principles on successful human relations; and therefore, they are the 5 books that Orrin Woodward himself has said can't be read enough in the first years of owning your own business.

That's high praise for these books, but the Top 5 are only as good as the principles we learn from them and apply into our daily lives.  That's why I launched the Top 5 in 5 Challenge: 5 months to read, learn from and apply the life changing principles to our lives.  

So, let's hear it!  Month 1: Which book did you read, what principles have stood out for you and how are you applying it?  Can't wait to read your answers!