Saturday, May 24, 2014

Remember, Reflect, Honor

"Every now and then there comes a day where someplace, sometime, you simply have to plant your feet, stand firm and make a point about who you are and what you believe in." -Pat Riley

In reading Riley's book, Winner Within, part of the LIFE Leadership program; this quote struck me.  We live in a give-up culture. Standing firm is not high on the list of the average American.

We are going into a weekend that celebrates our soldiers-Americans who stood firm and made a point to protect the freedoms we have.  I saw an ad recently that asked each one of us to remember, reflect, and honor on Memorial Day.  I challenge each one of us to do that this weekend.

Remember that this Monday is not just a day off work or a time to relax, but a responsibility to remember what has been done by our fallen soldiers to allow this country to be free.

Reflect on what has been sacrificed for us that allows us to chase our dreams. Reflect upon what you stand firm on, what you believe in, and who you are.  Decide to stand firm in your convictions and be an agent of truth.

Honor those amazing people who have died for this country. They gave their lives and planted their feet and stood firm to protect our freedoms and they deserve our respect and honor.

Remember, Reflect, and Honor- I think it's a great way to spend this weekend.  What about you?