Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is Your Medicine?

As I moved through Orrin Woodward's book, RESOLVED,  I came to Resolution #3 Attitude (which I have read more than any other chapter).  This past Tuesday we had a challenge group and talked about that topic.  As I listened to others talk about their struggles with bad attitudes and their victories in having good attitudes it struck me how important association is to being positive.   We live in a negative culture and as the news shows us, we naturally gravitate towards the "negative news story".

I know the LIFE material has helped me with my attitude tremendously by giving me positive things to listen to and read. But as I listened to my friends at the challenge group,  I was again reminded that one of the best remedies for my bad attitude is to get around positive forward-minded people!

I want to know what you do to cure yourself of the "bad attitude" disease.  Take the time and share one tip you use to remedy a bad attitude!  It will be a benefit to all.

Looking forward to reading and thanks in advance for sharing.