Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How's Your "Teach Me" Meter??

When people start building a LIFE business powered by TEAM, each is often confronted with brand new challenges; dealing with people has its way of showing us where we are strong and where improvement is needed.
What I’ve learned along the way is that acknowledging my imperfection, and embracing the fact that I needed personal improvement, has been the most liberating experience of my life. 
Before understanding that I wasn’t supposed to know or better, wasn’t capable of knowing everything, I used to argue to the death to prove my “rightness”.  (A “Socrates” I was not.) A good many nights were wasted with my arguing about how right I was and how wrong the other person’s opinion was.  Just ask Marc, he had a front row seat for far too long.
What changed?  There isn’t blog space enough! The short version is, I allowed myself to  embrace my imperfection.  And I want to invite you to do the same.
I just finished a LIFE top 5 book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, for the fifth time.  I think it’s my new favorite top 5!  Every page of that book is filled with wisdom- golden nuggets of pure genius in relating to people.  And guess what?  Not a single page is devoted to how to prove you are right and how to prove the other person is wrong.  There isn’t a chapter saying arguing is a good way to deal with people, and there isn’t even a word about how certain people have cornered the market on “rightness” while the other poor souls out there are roughing it ignorance. Instead every page of the book boils down to serving others over self.  I think that’s what that book is really all about. 
I believe the reason I got so much out of it this time, over the other four readings, is that my “teach me” meter is at an all time high.  And that is what I wish for everyone out there striving to improve and live for excellence.  Get a “teach me” meter that is off the charts!
I remember the day my “teach me” meter appeared.  It was the day I realized, like I said before, that I wasn’t perfect.  And guess what, I survived.  I not only survived, but I truly began to THRIVE.  I set myself free to learn from everyone around me, just like Emerson said, “Every man I meet is my superior in some way.”  
I began to realize that I could learn from everyone, and it didn’t take away from my own intelligence; instead, it allowed me to add to my intelligence.  By understanding I didn’t know everything, I actually began to learn so much more.  I began to grow in my understanding of people and how to relate with them.  I started to learn how to influence others. And since Orrin Woodward says leadership is influence, I started to become a leader.
Becoming a leader.  That’s what this TEAM LIFE journey is all about isn’t it?  Becoming a leader so we can influence others in the same direction we allowed ourselves to be led: straight to the truth!  

So take heart those of you starting the journey and feeling yourself in the challenge of the personal struggles.  Take my advice and open yourself up and get an off the charts  "teach me" meter!  Trust pays really well ; )
God Bless
Kristine xo

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