Thursday, November 13, 2014

Are you Image Building or Integrity Building?

As you look around our world, integrity is a quality that is becoming more rare. So many people are  worried about the image they portray, rather than doing what is right. The positive is that integrity is a quality that you can develop, though it may take time.  I am thankful to LIFE leadership because their products are helping to develop this quality in people.

I'm reading the book,  Developing the Leader Within You, by John Maxwell (a book from LIFE Leadership's product portfolio).  I came across these questions that determine if you are image building or integrity building. Image is what people think you are and Integrity is what we really are:

Consistency: Are you the same person no matter who you are with?

Choices: Do you make decisions that are best for others when another choice would benefit you? 

Credit:  Are you quick to recognize others for their efforts and contributions to your success?

My mentor, Orrin Woodward, recently ranked #20 on Inc. Magazine's top 50 Leadership and Management experts, has always taught me that your integrity is a huge part of your leadership ability.

How do you answer these questions?  I know I found something to work on.  What about you?


  1. Great article Marc! I know from personal experience that integrity truly is a quality that one can (and should) actively pursue & develop. I think many in our society don't even consider or reflect on their personal integrity because it seems our society doesn't place the value on that very quality the way it once used to. We live in a world where "Kardashian" is a household name that's recognized by all (for no reason whatsoever), but the Preamble of our Nation's Constitution reads as foreign as dining menu from Lyon, France. One of the greatest blessings from Life Leadership is the association of great people who actively choose to grow their leadership potential and effectiveness on a daily basis. It is this very association that has made the largest impact in my life because I was exposed to an entirely new group of people with who placed a higher value on integrity than the circle with which I had previously chosen to run. People like yourself and the rest of the Life Leadership community have inspired me to pursue the best me I can possible become with the time I've been gifted in my life. Maxwell's three questions will be something I reflect on throughout the rest of today. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! As youth pastors over the last decade, my wife and I have focused on teaching and guiding toward integrity in the younger generations. Their culture is saturated with people and messages who shout the importance of image and the sad part is that if we're not careful, the idea of character and integrity being vital to a society will disappear within the next couple of generations unless we intentionally make a change - and that change has to start inside of me! If we consistently look around us for someone to take the torch and light the way for those who are coming after us, we'll hear nothing but an echo off the walls of a nation that bears no resemblance to the one we grew up in. Although I'm early in the LIFE Leadership journey, I appreciate the focus on taking personal responsibility for changing my life and changing the influence that I exude.

    Marc, thank you for your inspiration - I'm looking forward to learning from you and taking what I learn to teach it to those who are following me (and I'm stealing the questions, by the way!)

    1. Chris, I am looking forward to working with you also. The Leadership Train is the place to be!! I know you are going to do great things!!

  3. Hi Marc great meeting you and Kristian at the convention. Those are 3 awesome questions, thanks for sharing!