Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Earthworms For Sale!

A beautiful little Blue Jay flew high in the sky, proud of its plumage and beauty, knowing that as it flew, all eyes were turned on it.  The little Blue Jay was without a doubt the most admired bird in its community.
One day the little bird flew low, close to the tree tops. As he flew in and out among the trees, he spied a man dressed in black strolling down a little country lane. 
"Earthworms for sale. Earthworms for sale," the old man sang.
The little Blue Jay thought, "Oh, how I love earthworms! I wonder how much they are." 
Landing on the old man's shoulder, the little bird asked, "How much do you want for your earth worms?" 
"Oh, they're cheap," the old man answered. "Just one feather for one worm."
"Oh, how I love earthworms," the little bird thought. "No one would notice one little feather missing."
He plucked out one of his beautiful blue feathers and handed it to the old man in return for a delicious earthworm. Then he soared into the clouds, happy and content.
The following day the Blue Jay heard the old man again singing his song, 
"Earthworms for sale. Earthworms for sale."
"Oh, how I love earthworms," the little bird thought.  "That worm tasted so good yesterday, and no one even noticed that I had a feather missing. Maybe I'll have just one more."
So again he plucked a feather and traded it for another earthworm.
The same scene was repeated the next day, and the next, and the next--until he plucked one feather too many. After he'd purchased a final earthworm, he could no longer soar into the sky.  No matter how hard he flapped his wings, no matter how high he jumped, he couldn't catch the wind in his remaining feathers.  He was so dejected over what he had done, he crawled into the tall grass beside the road and died.
    Another Blue Jay flying overheard found his little friend, buried him under a giant oak tree, and placed the following on his headstone:  
Here lies a poor lost Blue Jay, 
Hush your note each bird that sings.  
Here lies a poor foolish Blue Jay, 
Who for earthworms sold his wings.

There are only two choices in life.  You can either soar with the birds that go after their goals and dreams or sell your feathers for second best and live in mediocrity.  The interesting part of this story is when you "sell your feathers" you don't even know you are until you can't fly anymore.  There is only one way to excellence, and that is to make a decision to never sell another feather. I mean never.

There will always be chances here or there to sell a feather,  but know, every time you do, you are farther from where your success lies. The only way I know to avoid selling feathers is to avoid having a plan B because no one has the feathers I have, and I was born to use those feathers to follow my God-given dreams.  I don't care what other featherless birds say, and I don't want to taste the earthworms of mediocrity.  My family has one plan, and we will keep our feathers to ourselves!

What about you?  Have you sold out to an earthworm-at-a-time philosophy or is it time for you to soar? My only advice if you choose to fly is to surround yourself with the right birds, and never look back to the ground-just soar to new heights! There is no plan B!!!

If you choose not to fly, I hope the earthworms were worth it...


  1. Are you going to sell your dreams for a free lunch? Think not... I had free lunch in school and it always taste a bit off. Great story Marc! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Marc, I don't even want to TRY worms! I am so thankful that I am getting not only my dietary advice from you and Kristine, but also flying lessons!! THANK YOU for all you do!!! TIME TO SOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Marc, SLOWLY learning why we aren't able to fly!

  4. Awesome story bro!! Like many of us have heard, sometimes you need to give us the good to get the GREAT!! So this is the question that I have to ask myself daily, is what I'm doing today, this hour, this minute moving me closer to the GREAT that God has planned for me or the good/average of the world? As for me and my family we chose to soar and reach God's great victory and bring many others with us!!

    Thanks for leading the way!

  5. Thanks Marc, very powerful metaphor which totally explains exactly what those who chase excellence can achieve. I also view Life Leadership as a Feather store, we are offering to help these grounded birds learn to fly again by helping them with one feather at a time. I myself do not have all my feathers back, but because of awesome leaders like you two, the School's Hartmann's and the PC we give people a chance to soar again to go after their goals and dreams.

    Thank You Marc,

  6. If someone proposed to pluck us all at once, we are most likely to heavily resist. But by taking or giving one feather at a time, the loss is slower, but every bit as complete. My fear is this is what is happening with our fundamental freedom and even our defense of the family. As Joshua told the people of Israel, "Choose this day who you will serve ... As for me and my house ..." Keeping our feathers is a top priority if we are going to make a difference.

  7. My brother once said to me that our sister sold her car for gas money. Regardless of the veracity of the statement, it rings true in the same vein as your vignette has done. I need to remember that buying convenience increases the inconvenience of not being where I want to be. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Great story Marc - thanks for sharing! It's amazing how easily we are trained to trade future accomplishment and satisfaction for immediate gratification. It seems to be the bi-product of our modern, microwave society; a society in which the concept of delayed gratification is as foreign as the Klingon language! I'm proud to be associate with you and the rest of the Patriot Revolution and am honored to RISE UP and stand shoulder to shoulder with the men & women who have the courage to lead by example by pursuing our goals & dreams each day.