Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be REAL Writing Contest!

Be REAL Writing Contest 
The Results Are In!!!

As many of you know, teaching kids is one of my passions in life.  And with the LIFE Edge cd series, I now get the opportunity to connect my passion for kids with my purpose in life!  I think that's pretty cool. 

Kristine and I love the Edge cd series and what we see it doing in our own children's lives, so we wanted to expand that to include all the kids in our Revolution family.  That's when we launched Be REAL.  That stands for Revolution EDGE Academy of Leadership.  Which is just a really cool way of   reminding ourselves, and the young people in our lives to Be REAL:  The REAL you inside. We accomplish this through listening to our awesome series of cds specifically designed to present leadership principles packaged just right for those in the younger years of life. 

In the spirit of Being REAL, we launched a writing contest to all the kids on the Revolution.  We asked them to write about any of the Edge cds and show how they were using the principles in their own lives.  WOW!  We received a lot of awesome entries.  It was a blessing to read how this series of cds is affecting kids' lives. 

We broke the entries into 4 categories:  Preschool, elementary, middle school and high school.  We chose a winner for each category and an overall grand champion!  It was very difficult to choose the winners and a lot of time was spent by the judges as they went back and forth on several entries!  We'd like to thank our celebrity judges Richard Kroll and Tim and Peggi Kern for taking the time to read each entry.  The voting we so close we had to call in the big gun to help us choose the final Grand Champion!  A big huge thank you to Laurie Woodward for casting the final vote for our GRAND CHAMPION!!!!

Each of the category winners will be featured on my blog this week.  I know you will be impressed and inspired as you see the next generation learning and leading right where they are.  There's so much hope, and the Edge series of cds is leading the charge in giving these kids the information they need to be world changers!!

And great job to those who best expressed how the EDGE cds are impacting your life!

Grand Champion
Tom Wright,

High School 
Joshua Smith 

Middle School
it's a tie!
Anna Smith
Miranda Millington

Isaac Ashworth

Colin Smith


  1. Congratulation to all of the winners! I also want to congratulate all of the kids that took the time to write an entry and submit it!!

  2. The EDGE series is a blessing for all who have the opportunity to listen to it! Thanks Marc and Kristine for challenging the kids in such a positive way and taking their thinking to the next level with this contest. It was alot of fun and there was a lot of listening and discussion among the kids themselves as they worked on their writing. It's going to be awesome to watch the EDGE children make a life changing impact on those they associate with!

  3. Congratulations to the winners and to all the kids who took the time to better themselves! Super proud of you all and can't wait to see the places this journey will take you on!!!

  4. The Edge series has been a blessing to our family i enjoy those CDs as much as Colin does. I truly want to Congratulate my son for winning, my beautiful and awesome wife Janine for doin the majority of the leg work. I found out :early in the process its easy for a 5 year old to listen to and enjoy, but to have him express "knowledge gained" was the truly tricky part. He did a great job and I am very proud of him. Thanks again to my beautiful wife abd congratulations to all the winners and participants. You ALL should be proud.

    Love You Colin,

    1. I'm super proud of Colin, too! Congratulations, Colin!!

  5. I love handing out the EDGE CDs to my kid's friends and their parents. I am so proud of all the parents and kids that were part of this contest.

  6. The EDGE cds are amazing to listen to, even for adults, but it was truly a blessing to be able to read all the entries and see how this information is planting seeds in the hearts and lives of these kids. The decision was super tough, because everyone did such an amazing job. Congratulation to every single person who chose to be courageous and enter their writing in the competition. Just the process of deciding to enter the contest, then think through how this information has changed your thinking, then write it down in such a great way, now that's a true champion!! Great job! Keep listening, keep applying the principles and keep writing!! Peggi Kern

    1. Well said Peggi!! I totally agree! Keep listening and THINKING! That's the key for all of us : )

  7. Congrads to all the winners! And super job to all the kids who entered the contest. It's so obvious this cd series is making a huge difference in our childrens' lives. What an awesome company! Love it!

  8. Marc and Kristine, thank you for another opportunity to see how the EDGE series and LIFE materials are reaching children! The papers submitted showed that the kids not only understood the theory, but also how to apply the principles being taught in the LIFE materials. Top that off with the creativity that was is comforting to see the great "next generation leaders" coming up so well educated in LEADERSHP!

  9. Great Job to all that entered the contest. And Congratulations to the winners. And I want to thank you Marc and Kristine, for putting this all together.It is inspirational to see what a positive difference we are making in kids lives.
    Paul Richter.

  10. Thank you Marc and Kristine for holding this contest! I am so proud of all the winners and contestants for their effort. You are holding the bar high on us and helping us hold the bar high on our kids =) We are winning together =)
    Thank you,