Friday, July 13, 2012

High School Winner!

Joshua Smith

Listening to these Edge CD’s have impacted my life a lot. This has changed my way of thinking, and actions toward things. These CD have taught me to not be afraid but to try things out, and that if I didn’t succeed and I tried my very best I would know that I didn’t fail, but that I have only succeeded. It also taught me to keep positive thinking that has made a very big difference in my life. 
In seventh and eighth grade I never had lost a race for hurdling, I always won my races, and I beat all of the other Junior high schools. I went into this year thinking I was going to win, but it all changed when I got put on high school varsity. So I had to keep the mindset that I had to do my very best, and that’s what I did.
I’m a ninth grade freshman, and I love track and field. I was a freshman on the varsity team and did the 110 meter hurdles, and the 300 meter hurdles. I never thought that I was that good to be on the varsity team, but I trained and worked hard and tried my best. I always had stayed positive when I was about to run even though I might lose. Even though I never won one race that whole season, I always had that mindset that I’m next year going to beat my hurdling teammates. I’m grateful that I’m able to learn these things now so I will be able to keep this information from the Edge CD’s for the rest of my life. 
Joshua Smith – 9th grade going into 10th grade  (15 yrs. old)


  1. Awesome Joshua. That's a fantastic story of knowledge applied. I know next year you will be at the top of your game because you are willing to do what the others wont. Great Job.


  2. Great job Joshua!! The power of positive thinking and going out there and trying your best, but yet not winning technically will definitely rub off on your teammates. You will definitely be a Great leader someday!! Keep up the great work!! : )

  3. Way to go Joshua! Being a freshman on the varsity team is a big deal. So proud of what you're learning with the Edge CDs and what you're applying in your sport! Congratulations and keep learning!

  4. Two thumbs up Josh! Well done and keep hurdling into your bright future!

  5. GREAT job Josh! I am not surprised...but I am PROUD of you!!! Keep on GROWING!

  6. Wow Joshua! I am so impressed with your work ethic and attitude. The EDGE cds have really made a difference in your life and it shows in all you do. You are a great example to your peers. Keep up the good work!

  7. Joshua, Mom and Dad are so proud of you and are so thankful for the lessons you are learning through the EDGE cd's. You have been a blessing in our lives since you were born and we look forward to watching you accomplish your goals!

  8. Joshua,
    You are an exceptional young man. I am looking forward to see what happens for you in the future. I know it will be Victory because of the principles you have learned and applied with the Edge series. So proud of you =)