Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Living Life Intentionally!

13 resolutions, 13 affirmations, 13 weeks: Farrah Sargent is Resolved to make a change!

After reading Orrin Woodward's book, Resolved, 13 Resolutions for Life, Farrah found an inspiration to begin a growth process that is creating amazing changes in her life, and I know this first-hand because I have personally watched her improve in great strides over the last 2 months.

Having the opportunity to mentor Farrah, along with growing a personal friendship, it was evident to Marc and me that something had changed in Farrah's life.  An excellent student she has always been, but  it was clear she had hit a new level.  Of course, I was curious (and excited!) about what we were seeing, so I had to ask.  I was so impressed by her answer, that I thought we would share it with everyone.

Farrah began her study of "resolutions and affirmations" after finishing Orrin's book.  She started putting thoughts together on how to improve in each area of her life.  She started with a list, a long list, of areas and thoughts to improve upon and statements to say to herself.  She started using the list in her life daily.  That's when the real growth spike in Farrah as a leader started to appear.

Always the student and never satisfied, she went to work on her list.  Working with it and the Resolved book tweeking and changing what she had written, she arrived at an excellent source of personal growth designed by her, just the right size to fit her family, business and personal needs.

After weeks of thought and practice, Farrah arrived at her final product, well at least for now.  Armed with color coated note cards, the Sargent Resolved Affirmation Plan goes something like this.  Each week she reads a set of cards focused around each Resolve.  Week 1, is Purpose, because Purpose is the first resolution in Woodward's book. So on her card she has her Purpose driven affirmation and her Purpose driven tasks or skills or any area in which she is  striving for growth related to her Purpose.  Every day for week 1, she reads just that card or cards.  Then week 2 she moves on to resolution #2, Character and repeats the same process for 13 weeks covering each of the 13 Resolves.  At the end, you guessed it, she will start over!

What impresses me most about Farrah's plan is that she created it over time, making sure that each part reflected her life and her specific plan for improvement in each one of the resolutions.  We are already seeing the results of her hard work, and we are certain it's just the beginning for this truly Resolved for Greatness lady. We look forward to watching over the next weeks and year to see the resolutions take shape in Farrah Sargent's life.  Keep on striving for excellence; the world needs more people like you.



  1. It's awesome to be associated with a group of women that are dedicated to strive for excellence on a personal level to impact change. The most exciting part is that through mentorship and community not only will these goals be met, but she will influence many others to do the same during her journey. Way to go Farrah!

  2. Way to GROW Farrah! Keep up the great work!!!