Friday, March 16, 2012

Living a Resolved LIfe!

Personal growth doesn't happen through wishes or luck. Personal growth comes when one chooses to change. The Wolschleger family is an excellent example of a family resolving to be their best!

Jeff and Gail have been on the LIFE subscription series since November 1st, when it launched with Orrin Woodward's book, Resolved, 13 Resolutions for Life.   After reading the book, the entire Wolschleger family got together to launch a family growth plan!

With Lindsey and Wesley, their two children, by their side, the Wolschleger's resolved to become better.  At a family meeting, each person, with the help of the other family members, picked one area to focus on as a future strength.  Allowing each family member to provide input allowed for immediate feedback to be sure everyone was working on an area that needed improvement.  What a show of trust.  It's difficult enough to admit that one could stand a little improvement here and there, but to allow others to comment? This family is serious about being their personal best.

With the target in place, the next step was the game plan. (See chapter 5 of the Resolved book.)  The family decided to post the target areas of growth on a white board for all to see.  Under the list is each family member's name.  When the principle is violated, the responsible member is called upon to place a tally mark under his or her name.  (Now that's using the scoreboard!)  He with the least tally marks at the week's end wins!

The best part of the Wolschleger plan is, it's truly a win for all!  A family working together to improve can have no loser.  But, in true Resolved spirit, this family is KEEPING SCORE! When I heard their story, I was excited to see people living their lives intentionally, together.  This family is a true example  on so many levels.

Lindsey expressed to her mom that she couldn't  wait until the week was over.  "Not talking so much is killing me!" she said.   Gail, true to the spirit of personal growth replied, assuring her daughter, the idea isn't to do it for one week.  The idea is to do it for life and next week build another skill on top of this one!

Congratulations to the entire Wolschleger family for being an example of what the LIFE business is all about!


  1. Jeff & Gail are incredible people & this story serves as a great exple for every family to follow! Cudos to Jeff & Gail for leading and modeling this example for their family and all of us who are blessed to call them friends!

  2. Nice job guys, this is what personal development is all about....

  3. What a wonderful ENTIRE family working TOGETHER to be the best they can be! Way to go Wolschleger family!!!