Monday, January 2, 2012

Big League Award for one of America's Best: Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward's website was just voted the IAB's 2011 
Top Leadership Website Award Winner!  

Congratulations to Orrin Woodward for this accomplishment.  Honored and proud to know you and watch first hand as you lead from the front every single day in learning, leading, mentoring, thinking, and changing. 

As I survey the list of gentlemen in whose company Orrin resides I realize what a high achievement this really is.

THE IAB's list of top Leadership Websites for 2011
Jim Collins
John Maxwell
Stephen Covey
Ken Blanchard
Robin Sharma
Marshall Goldsmith
Tom Peters
Anthony Robbins
Jack Welch
Orrin Woodward

I was curious who the 2010 winner was:  It was Jim Collins.  To put that into perspective for those who may not know, Jim Collins' book, Good to Great, has currently sold 4 million copies. In addition, Collins has authored or coauthored 5 other books with his total book sales to date reaching over 10 million.  I think it's important to know the company in which this victory was won.

The IAB, Independent Association of Businesses,  is dedicated to serving the needs of small businesses and the self employed.  It is recognized as America’s Premier Membership Association as a leader of innovative access to membership benefits. Acknowledged by having represented the interests of more than a million members and receiving prestigious commendation by state and federal officials for its ability to educate and advance the growth of America’s small businesses and the self employed.(

As an entrepreneur myself, I found these stats from the IAB website encouraging.

95% of all small businesses in the US
are either self-employed entrepreneurs or
businesses with less than 10 employees and 
create up to 80% of new jobs in America.

This accounts for over 28 million
American small businesses and an additional
10 million Americans that are self employed.

 Orrin is the youngest on this list of big hitters and in my humble opinion is just getting started in the arena of Americas Best!  Watch out ladies and gentlemen we are on our way to a million because we are lead by the best!  Congrats Orrin 


  1. I couldn't agree more. Huge, significant accomplishment for Orrin!!! How fortunate I am to be a beneficiary of Orrin's leadership through the Militellos. Ready to do my part to contribute to a million-plus! 2012 is OUR YEAR!!!

  2. Marc,

    If Orrin is the youngest that would make him the new kid on the block.

    I believe we ain't seen nothin' yet!