Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top 5 in 5!!!

Many great books have been published over the last 100 years, but only five titles can make the cut to be called the Team's Top 5!  These 5 titles contain the time-tested principles on successful human relations; and therefore, they are the 5 books that Orrin Woodward himself has said can't be read enough in the first years of owning your own business.

That's high praise for these books, but the Top 5 are only as good as the principles we learn from them and apply into our daily lives.  That's why I launched the Top 5 in 5 Challenge: 5 months to read, learn from and apply the life changing principles to our lives.  

So, let's hear it!  Month 1: Which book did you read, what principles have stood out for you and how are you applying it?  Can't wait to read your answers!


  1. How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People.
    The instruction here is SO amazing and SO practical! This reading is reminding me how important it is to STP--- Search for Treasure in People.
    I always enjoy it when Marc and Kristine see little treasures inside of me. Their acceptance, approval and appreciation of me makes me want to polish up those little treasures they see.
    I want to be the kind of woman who sees YOUR treasures and helps you see them as well!
    Today I am consciously incompetent... Tomorrow I will be consciously competent... And with a lot of practice, and God's grace, I will be unconsciously competent!! Affirmations of the Treaures I see in people will naturally flow off my tongue to bless and encourage you to grow and become all that God has for you.
    Praise God for the Militello's and this challenge!!

  2. I love how you use STP. You are a winner who is on her way to winning big! It has been an honor watching you grow and continue to grow into an amazing leader!


  3. I'm in the process of turning a failure into a victory (Magic TB). Devastated by failure to reach my goals and not wanting to give into time excusitis, I sat down and logged all of my daily tasks and time it takes to accomplish each one. I now have a terse schedule that if I follow it, I will have success. And my belief went up, to boot :)

    1. That is great Anna! I am excited for your results:)

  4. How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

    Thank you for this AMAZING challenge Marc and Kristine! I don't know what is impacting me more... the fact that I have read this book multiple times and still find so much NEW information in it that it feels like I never read it before; or the fact that I still violate so many of the principles in the book. But I can say, that since Laurie Woodward encouraged us to read a book to see what principles or ideas that we might be violating in our own lives and to be intentional about fixing them, my understanding of the concepts shared in the books I am reading has skyrocketed!

    The one nugget that I took away from this particular book (despite ALL that I learned from reading it again!) is that EVERYONE wants to be accepted and valued for who they ARE...right now. And that it is NOT NATURAL for us to do that- despite the fact that WE TOO want to be ACCEPTED JUST THE WAY WE ARE RIGHT NOW. It has to be a conscious and intentional act to ACCEPT, APPROVE and APPRECIATE things about others. And it takes PRACTICE! But if we do fight our natural proclivities, we will truly be liked by others and have influence (power) and comfort (confidence) with those we know, love and serve.

    Thank you again for the 5 in 5 Challenge! I am looking forward to finishing the next book- The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz!!

  5. I started with How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling

    There are three things I took from the book on this read through that I am focusing on 1) Seeing the People, 2) Cultivating the art of asking questions, and 3) having prospects be involved in closing the sale.

    Really just focusing on sharing the GREAT LIFE opportunity with as many people as I can and doing my best to discover how the LIFE business/information can help that person Live the LIFE they always wanted!

  6. A tough challenge to read 5 of the great BOOKS.
    I chose "How I raised myself...". This month.

    Confidence is profitable when used consistently every day. Praising others, even competitors can be fruitful in the long term .

  7. How to Win Friends & Influence People by DC

    Love the challenge and love refreshing myself over these fundamentals that are so easily forgotten. These Top 5 Books are GOLD! This was my 10th time through this book and it’s the first this time I recognized the following pattern. Carnegie’s book is quite obviously broken up into four unique sections; however, there is only one single quote that specifically is repeated in 3 of the 4 sections. It’s the quote attributed to Charles Schwab:

    Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.

    Carnegie felt so strongly about this single behavior, that it wasn’t worth writing just once but he repeated it twice! That’s the nugget for my life journey that I hope to never forget! People will cherish your words and treasure them and repeat them over a lifetime – they will repeat them for years after you had forgotten them. Our words and encouragement cost us so little to give, but can be worth treasures to the person sitting across from us in every encounter of every day!

  8. For me I chose to read, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It was recommended by my wife Jenipher. I've had a problem with being negative in the past. The positive outlook on life is a lot better and when you smile at people, they smile back at you. Not worrying so much about what's going to happen next and just worrying about today is a lot better. Thank you Jenipher Reinhold! Love you dearly!
    Scott Reinhold

  9. How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling

    We began reading this book at the same time, so we would be learning together. It is difficult to narrow down the nuggets from this book, because there are so many. There is so much to learn from this book, and it is entertaining as well.

    1) Be enthusiastic! Don't be dragging around - how is that inspiring for those around you???

    2) Prospecting is like shaving, if you don't do anything about it, before you know it -you will be a bum.

    3) Don't throw the hawser, throw the heaving line (Reminded us of Marc's teaching on 'showing the trailer, not the movie' - we have been awesome at showing the movie, the sequel, etc. - all in one sitting)

    4) Time is of the essence - move it! "If I were your own brother…" this phrase shows how sincere to take this. There is much at stake!

    5) Making the 3x5 cards - pocket reminders for the top subjects in which I am especially weak (this one is for June) - This week is "enthusiasm" !!!!!! -- but I am not sanguine!!!

    Thank you so much for this challenge. We appreciate all that you do!

    Glen & June Ewald

  10. My first book from the Top 5 was "How To Win Friends And Influence People". I love this book because it's full of practical advice on relationships. I found the chapter on The Secret of Socrates fascinating because it talks about getting the other person to say, "yes, yes". When I first read that chapter, I didn't really get it. But now that I've read the book multiple times, I think I finally understand. Talk about things you and other person agree on. Even if you're having a conversation and you don't 100% agree with the other person's point of view, first listen. Then ask questions that get that "yes". When you can do that, you can cultivate the soil of cooperation. It totally changes the tone of the relationship to one that's positive. I'm working on that one!

    1. Peggi, I totally agree with you that if you get the other person talking about things he agrees on,even though we may not totally 100% agree, the environment becomes more positive!! Also if we can get the other person to answer yes, yes, yes it will shine a brghter light on our LIFE business. Peggi, you intrigued so much, plus I know I need nelp on this, I am going to read: How to Win Friends and Influence People next! Thanks Peggy! : )

  11. The Magic of Thinking Big!! All I can say about that book is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Even though I have read this book once or twice at least I feel this book has hit me the hardest this time. It was pure MAGIC!!! I have literally highlighted practically the whole book! I got so many nuggets and principles, but I feel chapter 12: USE GOALS TO HELP YOU GROW was the chapter that really hit me . On ppages 268 and 269 is a Thirty -Day Improvement Guide which I plan to fill out ASAP and it gives you helpful hints with filling it out!! Another 8 action steps to help me along to help keep me on my 30 day quide are: 1. Get a clear fix on where you want to go. 2. Write out your 10 year plan. ( check up with your up - line on how many years ahead is good for you ). 3. Surrender yourself to your dreams. 4. Let your major goal be your Automatic pilot. When you let your goal absorb you, you'll find yourself making the right decisions to reach your goal. 5. Achieve your goal one step at a time. 6. Build 30 -day goals: actually Life suggest weekly goals: regardless of how small each task may seem. Its a step toward your goal. 7. Take detours in stride. 8. Invest in yourself such as: LIFE system, TEAM syteam and associations and all that entails. Thank - you Marc and Kristine for coming up with the promotion of 5 in 5!!! Without that promotion I don't think I would have ever read 5 in 5 months which is becoming a HUGE break -thru for me!!! I have read the top 5, but never in 5 months. I would read them here and then there etc. Thanks again Marc and Kristine!!! WOOOO WHOOO FIRED UP!!

  12. This journey in the top 5 books have pealed back more and more layers of the old me, and is starting to reveal someone I always wanted to be. Such amazing blessings in the written word. The book most helpful for me has been THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG. I read it the first time more than 20 years ago and attribute it to many of the small successes I have had in my life. But, it is so amazing to read it again and again, and it seems like the first time every time. Every page is a new discovery! Reading it this time, I have high hopes and want not just BIG successes, but HUGE, MOUNTAINOUS, UNIVERSAL SUCCESSES. What seemed big to me 20 years ago, seem so small today. Every chapter has taught me not just how to think big, but how to create belief! I thought I new how belief worked. I have studied it often in other books, including the Bible. I thought I believed. But then a tough day would turn my belief into doubt. And I would begin my research in earnest again. I am just beginning to understand how important "belief" is. Belief is like a faucet, that when turned on, a never ending supply of water flows, and when turned off, nothing comes out. If I don't believe I can do big things, then the faucet is turned off and nothing will happen. On the other hand, if I believe earnestly that big things will happen, the faucet gets turned on and water flows, BIG THINGS HAPPEN. I must think GINORMOUS, believe with every fiber of my being that it will happen, then act on my beliefs and watch as the water flows abundantly. Top 5, yes, maybe number 1(after the Bible).

  13. I just got done reading How to Have Power and Confidence in Dealing with People. I liked Les Giblin's quote concerning if you don't smile, you are like a millionaire with no money in the bank. This is a great reminder to as Tim Marks says...Smile.