Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Real Life Means Everything!

I've been in the community building profession in some way or another for 10 years.  And throughout that entire journey, my mom, Susan Militello has had a front row seat.  Now, a customer of LIFE  herself, she has had the unique opportunity to experience our company from the inside out, and her honest evaluation of our company is priceless.

You see, before my mom was a customer of LIFE, she knew I was a student of personal development, so she started to buy products from Jim Rohn and others in the profession, to start on the personal development journey herself.  She really liked what she was listening to, and she knew it was making a difference in her life.

When LIFE launched, she decided to become a customer of our Life Series as well.  She told me the other day, that at first she thought the information was good, but she admitted the cds were a little difficult to adjust to because she had become accustomed to the smooth, polished speeches from the other materials she was buying.  But that all changed the other day when she told me, with such excitement, that she finally realizes the TEAM/LIFE difference and how special what we have really is!

"The people on the cds, these are REAL people!"

She went on to explain, "I bet that's why people love this information.  "The people who struggled are up there, and they are just like me!  They've struggled and I've struggled."  And I love what she said next, "That's the winner thing about this.  It's very real!  They get me and I get them.  It's a whole a different experience."

She gets it!  That IS what makes what we do special.  No one gets on stage because they have a polished speech.  The TEAM/LIFE stage is reserved for those individuals who have built a successful business and have wisdom- THROUGH EXPERIENCE-about what he or she is teaching.  That is the win.  We do get each other, and we do learn from each other's struggles!  Like Orrin Woodward always says, "Other people's experience is the best teacher!"  I can't think of another organization in the world that offers what we have.

I believe I have the best profession and purpose in the world because it makes a difference in my life and the lives of those I love the most: My family and friends.  TEAM/LIFE is the greatest blessing.  Thankful God chose this journey for me.


  1. Awesome article, Marc!!!! So glad to see your mom is learning and enjoying learning as much as we are! I, too, am realizing the value of hearing someone else struggle, because that tells me that we truly can overcome and succeed as well. That component really is what success is all about.

    Even though I don't like it, I am seeing the value in the struggle. It will make the success even sweeter.

    Thx for all you and Kristine do, and for setting the standard, as well as the example!

  2. What a great story about your mom!

  3. That is the best testimony of all! You don't need to preach it or shout about it, you just need to put the great LIFE information in people's hands and let the teaching from real people with real dreams, struggles, and victories lead the way!

  4. Marc, THAT IS WHAT CAPTURED MY HEART, TOO!! Real people. Real struggles. Plugging into better information and sharing the lessons!

    1. 100% agree Peggi, the polished talks are the ones I have the hardest time focusing on because it doesn't relate to me. The knowing that the leaders of TEAM/LIFE have gone through struggles close each of our hearts just helps cast the vision for each one of us that we too, can accomplish our dreams and goals!!!

  5. That is what brought us to LIFE as well. Real people. You know their struggles because they are yours too. It gives you great hope to know that they made it and you can too!!

  6. Marc, my Dad feels the same way about the AGO series he subscripes to. He really loves the books and has even bought a few of them for us to use in our Bible studies. He loves the cds too and has even used them as a teaching tool in our studies. You should have seen the look on his face when I told him some of the speakers on the cds are not pastors. They are just strong men of faith on our TEAM. Priceless. He said he would have never guessed that they were not Pastors, but men with a strong faith knowledge thru the TEAM!

  7. There you have it another awesome testimony! TEAM/LIFE truly is changing lives through the materials! God Bless!

  8. Mili, good stuff brother! Couldn't agree with your perspective more, the more real someone and their transparency, the more it connects right to our heart!! All of my favorites are when these incredible leaders on TEAM/LIFE bare their hearts and let us see that they ARE in fact just like us and everyone out there. This information has changed my entire family's lives and many many more.

    Thanks so sharing, on to a million!

  9. Marc, I couldn't agree with your mom more! The people on the LIFE and Team CDs are REAL people...people having struggles just like me!! But more importantly, these very same "real people" are enjoying VICTORIES in their lives too!!!

    But, unlike the other CDs on the market with "polished speakers" who may have had struggles YEARS AGO and are now living on their PREVIOUS victories (or from the wealth that telling those stories for YEARS AND YEARS have generated), the people on the LIFE and Team CDs are experiencing their victories RIGHT NOW!!!

    That is so powerful...because it means that I can too!

    Thank you for being a MODEL of godly leadership and sharing your victories with me and the others in my community! THAT is what will change culture..and ultimately the world!!!

  10. Great blog post! "The people on the CDs sound like real people" is probably the comment I hear the most. "Real" people expressing how they overcame obstacles and/or improved is very relate-able and gives the listener struggling in the the CD topic area hope.

  11. It is always great to hear of people "getting it" their "AHA moment", especially when they are someone close to you..Thanks for the great story Marc.

  12. I agree with your mom. It's all about becoming more real and developing the heart :) Love those CDs!