Sunday, April 22, 2012

Your Influence Goes Farther Than You Think

There is a story in the book Trust, one of the LIFE products I read recently, about Harmon Killebrew.  He remembers as a child playing baseball in the backyard with his dad, and his mom yelling out the window, "You are going to ruin the grass!"

To which his dad would reply, "We ain't  raising grass, we're raising boys!"

Most of my backyard is the perfect shape of a baseball diamond.  My kids and I have completely ruined the grass! And that worn out baseball shape means everything to me because it's an example of sacrifice and of dreams accomplished.  It reminds me of what one can do with hard work and an opportunity! An opportunity like the one we all have with the LIFE business.  Orrin Woodward and the Life Founders have provided an unbelievable vehicle for dream accomplishment.  I am so thankful for the information and example it has provided.

The reason I love my imperfect backyard is because of how it came to look the way it does.  Can you imagine how many hours it takes running back and forth over grass to wear it out?  Not just a path-but to solid dirt?  My boys are out there every day as soon as they can, staying as long as they can, not ruining the grass but chasing their dreams!  Why would two young boys spend so much time playing baseball?   Because they have examples to follow. Others who have followed their dreams. Examples like Orrin Woodward and the policy council and my teammates.  These examples are my children's heros!  Not too long ago my son Jackson and I were in the backyard and he said to me, "Dad you know I am going to accomplish my dreams!!  You know why?  Because so many people around me are accomplishing theirs!  Mr. Woodward, Mr. Brady, Mr. Schill, Mr. Hartmann, Mr. Kroll, and Mr. Kern, actually all your friends and especially you Dad!"

How can you put a price on what example this association is? You can't!  Orrin always reminds me "Never underestimate the influence you have with others."  I just want to say to all of you LIFE members that are influencing others' lives. Thank you for influencing my family with your incredible example of men and women chasing their dreams and standing for truth.

God Bless


  1. Wow, Thank you so much for sharing these stories Marc. They are so inspiring to those of us raising kids. Not grass, a clean house or a perfect anything. What a great way to start my day =) You are AWESOME!!!!

  2. Marc... you and Kristine are incredible EXAMPLES! And so are your CHILDREN!! (I am constantly bragging about them behind their backs!) Thank you for the thought-provoking articles and leading with love, character and integrity!!!